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Master Conversion Chart of Digits 

Mirror Numbers  are( 0=5,1=6,2=7,3=8,4=9,5=0,6=1,7=2,8=3,9=4)
Vtrac Numbers  are( 0=1,1=2,2=3,3=4,4=5,5=1,6=2,7=3,8=4,9=5)
Total Numbers  are( 0=9,1=8,2=7,3=6,4=5,5=4,6=3,7=2,8=1,9=0)
Pointer Numbers  are( 0=7,1=8,2=9,3=0,4=1,5=2,6=3,7=4,8=5,9=6)
Associate Numbers  are( 0=2,1=3,2=4,3=5,4=6,5=7,6=8,7=9,8=0,9=1)
Relative Numbers  are( 0=3,1=4,2=5,3=6,4=7,5=8,6=9,7=0,8=1,9=2)
Lead Numbers  are( 0=4,1=3,2=2,3=1,4=0,5=9,6=8,7=7,8=6,9=5)