Pairs                       Adolf's Magic Mirror Pair's System 3.7 Version              
  The way it works is you highlight the last pair to hit,        
  and the next hit should run off of it. It can be straight across or down or key holed or diagonal.
  Highlight all the hits the first day or so, midday and evening.    
  Then look for a hot spot where they are all hitting together.        
  The Chart will Change When You Click The Update Button!!  

©2006 Adolf 

Special Notes: Ways To Find Hit's

1.Any way you see the number on the chart. Any boxed form. Straight accross , up and down, Diagonal, or L-shaped. I'm also hearing of them hitting in a V formation.

2.The hit will come off anywhere of the number. next to it or thru it, or just touching it.

3.The section you use is the section where the hits are grouping together the most. 

4.Try only using this weeks numbers only. The number that hits should run off the last hit.

5.looked for any combination