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just enter the last number in pink box numbers..

Numbers 131....Last digit is 1



Play these numbers(good for all-states)Play for a week..


Read this  for every time you enter a new name..


I dreamed a little black kitten was hiding under a couch. We lifted the couch skirt and it ran out. 

Special notes : if these numbers already play a week ago..They will return base on all states plays..

Black = 105-056-057-058-1056-1057-1058

Cat =756-757-758-0756-0757-0758

Black Cat =801-802-803-1801-1802-1803

Couch = 126-267-268-269-1267-1268-1269

Hiding =801-802-803-1801-1802-1803 

Kitten = 127-278-279-270-1278-1279-1270

Black Kitten =232-323-325-2323-2324-2325

Couch Skirt =225-256-257-258-2256-2257-2258

Ran Out =110-101-102-103-1101-1102-1103

Hiding Under A Couch =444-445-446-447-4445-4446-4447

Little Black Kitten =358-589-580-581-3589-3580-3581

Lifted The Couch Skirt =467-687-679-670-4678-4679-4670

It's pass in flying colors...8 picks 3 & 5 pick 4...the same day ..and these numbers keep falling for another week..