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  GroupA GroupB   alert status fair asfar   compound2 comp2
  Most out Most out   alert status fair down aqsud   double2 double2
    alert status fair left aqsul   one digit2 onedig2
is     alert status fair right aqsur   series2 series2
Your     alert status fair up aqsuu   single2 single2
Stats     alert status good asgod  
Most     alert status good down asd   Pick-3 Stats List AB
Out     alert status good left asl   double3 double3
is     alert status good right asr   single3 single3
The     alert status good up asu   triples3 triple3
Same     alert status high ashi   series3 series3
As     alert status high down asfard  
Them     alert status high left asfarl   Pick-4 Stats List AB
Across     alert status high right asfarr   double4 double4
Here -> Here ->A-B   alert status high up asfaru   single4 single4
Please     alert status low aslo   triples4 triple4
Play     alert status low down asfardd   series4 series4
Them     alert status low left asfardl   double-double4 doubled4
Next     alert status low right asfardr   quads4 quads4
Draw     alert status low up asfardu  
    alert status median asmed   Pick-5 Stats List AB
    alert status median down asfarld   double5 double5
    alert status median left asfarl   single5 single5
    alert status median right asfarlr   triples5 triple5
    alert status median up asfarlu   series5 series5
    average qsum aqsu   double-double5 doubled5
    average skips as   quads5 quad5
    average sum avsu   quints5 quint5
    cluster to play custoply  
    current qsum curqsu   Pick-6 Stats List AB
    current skips cs   double6 double6
    current sum cursu   single6 single6
    double even digits devdig   triples6 triple6
    double odds digits dodig   series6 series6
    double with dw   double-double6 doubled6
    draw frequency df   quads6 quad6
    drawed with drw   quints6 quint6
    drawn by position dbp   sextes6 sexte6
    expected hits exh   triple-triple6 triplet6
    five digits paired fvwdp  
    four digits paired fuwdp  
    games out go  
    hit average ha  
    hit median hm  
    hit paired htpar  
    hit ratio hr  
    independent digits idpdig  
    last skip ls  
    longest out lo  
    matched with mw  
    math average skips mas  
    maximum qsum mxqsu  
    maximum skips mxs  
    maximum sum maxsu  
    median qsum mqsu  
    median skips mes  
    median sum mesu  
    mixed digit numbers mxdinus  
    most frequently mf  
    most out mo  
    one digit paired onwdp  
    out average ratio oar  
    paired with pw  
    ranged with raw  
    seried with sw  
    since drawn sd  
    six digits paired sxwdp  
    sum cluster suc  
    sumed with suw  
    three digits paired thwdp  
    times due td  
    total digits todig  
    total hits th  
    trending now treno  
    trendy trey  
    two digits paired twdp  
    unhit paired unhtpar  

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